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With productive economy advance bamboo use in fabrication was profited by industrial enterpreneurs. In furniture making Bali, Philipines, China and Japan have great tradition, and exportations of this sector are big. Chinese factories produce a large volume of bamboo utensiles. In Brazil we see barbecue stick and bamboo furniture factorys.
Bamboo bench - A Firma and Raphael Vasconcellos
Bamboo chair of Michael McDonough
EUA designer
Designers are continuously descovering aplications where bamboo can fit. Bamboo laminates (Plyboo) are a new use with great potentials. Most aplications are in conformity with ecological ideas (see "Ecologizar, pensando o ambiente humano" - Ribeiro, Maurício Andrés / Rona Editora - Belo Horizonte, 1998). In PUC at Rio de Janeiro there is a prototype lab that uses bamboo, LOTDP, under coordination of Prof. José Luis Mendes Ripper. New designers are using bamboo in diverse aplications all over the world.
Bamboo lamp - Raphael Vasconcellos
Bamboo curtain / Raphael Vasconcellos
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