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In Brazil we can observe indigenous uses of bamboo. The book "Dicionário da Arte Indígena Brasileira", from Berta G. Ribeiro - Ed. Itatiaia Ltda./EDUSP, found on Indigenous Museum of Rio de Janeiro - reveas an incredible panorama: colourfull hair sticks / pg. 189 (Cruatecasea spruceana), several flutes / pg.200, rythim sticks / pg. 197, arrows (Guadua angustifolia), quiver (Guadua superba - "Taquaruçu") and blow pipe (Arundinaria schomburgkii) / pg.245, knives and container, ignition stick, snuff aspirator and baskets.

Brazilian rural man soon learned the multiplicity of bamboo uses, and started exploiting its potential. Dinnerware and furnitures are made with fine craft skills, artisains form their workshops, and this culture is difunded in Brazil. At present it's possible to find many of this professional in many brazilian cities.

Then the urban citizen verifyed the beauty, ease and versatility of this material. Bamboo are now difunded in major brazilian cities.

Earrings with bamboo
Luciana Preuss
webdesign e conteúdo desenvolvido:
Raphael Moras de Vasconcellos

Rio de Janeiro
/ Brasil
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