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In 1999 october was realized the second Regional Seminaire on Bamboo Utilization, in the Capacitation Center of Campo Grande/MS. Organizers called Dr. Ximena Londoño, Prof. Antônio de Barros Salgado and, again, Prof. José Luis Mendes Ripper and Prof. Khosrow Ghavami. Ximena gave us two lectures about the problem that the lack of a precise taxonomy brings to the quality to bamboo use in general. Salgado's lecture dealed on his works and research in Campinas. Ripper and Ghavami repeated their presentations, with some changes.  
Rubens Cardoso standing. Ximena Londoño and Antônio Barros de Salgado seated.
Design students from PUC-RJ were invited to realize a second "workshop", with free participation of the seminaire inscribed. Designed by LOTDP students, a bamboo geodesic domus structure was raised, with a three meters radius. We utilized non treated Bambusa tuldoides, and we used polypropilene rope with bamboo turnpike. It has taken two days to be completed, in the city's Nursery.
Marília testinga model's lightness.
PUC-RJ/LOTDP team raising domus.
Domus almost ready.
Model at front, domus behind and team: seated starting left: Marília, Pedro (Drop), Marcelo (with mini-domus), and Pedro PQD. Standing from left: Tomas, Suiá, Raphael, Ian, Pedro (Mirim), and ,at end, Ivan. Mário is over the domus.
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