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Grupo BambuBrasil - Entrevistas

JUNJI KAGATA 33 anos, Kyoto Japão
Vice President at TAKEHEI corp.
Member of the American Bamboo Society
julho de 2000

BB - Who started the interest in bamboo in your family?
JK - Started by my great grand father in 1915. I'm 4th generation.

BB - You started working with bamboo at which age?
JK - 23-year-old

BB - What's the importance in having well treated bamboo poles?
JK - To keep the quality.To keep the large stocks.

BB - How deep in influence bamboo goes in Japanese culture?
Much in Japanese traditional culture like traditional house,garden, crafts and so on. The examples are in my web site.

BB - It's easy to find bamboo in Japanese forests?
Yes, Kyoto is the main city of high quality bamboo. But the forests are decreasing.

BB - Who were Daruma?
In origin,a famous Budiest priest in old Japan. Now, it is a kind of design.Well... as it is difficult to explain for me, it will be better if you try to seach in Yahoo.

BB - Is there any spiritual significance in "tortoise shell bamboo" form?
The shape is in natural. Strange and rare bamboo.

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